Adults can dance, too!!


Classes are offered for adults (18+) at the Carroll-Henderson School of Irish Dancing. And before you think, "I'm too old to dance like those Riverdancers," stop! There's another style of Irish dancing that is perfect for adults.

CEILI dancing (pronounced kay-lee) is a traditional social dance style of Irish dancing. This style is most similar to square dancing found in the USA. Danced in groups of four up, the dancing is more formation based with basic footwork similar to ballroom. Easily learned, this dancing is incredibly fun, as the formation can just be called out, and dancers can simply dance until the music stops! It is a fun social style of dancing.

Technique can also be learned through ceili dancing, if that's what you are interested in. If you are interested, please let the school know by emailing, calling, or using the registration page. The more dancers, the more fun!